Cataloguing is not for Superheroes

2020 | Installation | Slide Cape with glasses | Ink Jet Photographs | Video


I try to imagine a world without patriarchy and all I can do is imagine moments and spaces free of patriarchy. The creation of this work came out of a desire to co-create art and patriarchal free moments. I had acquired slides from UBC’s visual resource center which hosts a collection of over 450,000 slides. The slide cape is at once a burden that critically interrogates what gets categorized, archived, taught, and shown in an art historical context by bringing in an absurdist humour to its repurposing as a feminized superhero cape. The slide cape is also a performative costume for and by superwomen artists, workers, mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, teachers, poets, activists, scientists, and community members asserting a feminist non-western critique of western art history. This work was first presented as part of ECUAD (Emily Carr University of Art + Design’s) Faculty Show in Jan 2020.


I want to acknowledge the support and inspiration of Maria Angelica Guerrero and Wendy Simon who have been a key part of this creative adventure. Special thanks to the slide cape stitchers: Deanne Achong, Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda, Matilda Aslizadeh, Lois Evans, Fatima Jaffer, Lois Klassen, Sonia Medel, Julie Okot Bitek, Maria Anna Parolin, Alessia Parolin, Lori Weidenhammer. I am also gratefully indebted to Michael Mao for supplying me with all of the slides. My love and thanks go to Carlos Colín for helping me take the photographs.