Galo Preto Coletivo

15mins | HD | 2020 | Canada, Brazil

Galo Preto, the Portuguese words for Black Rooster, is the name of a two-person art collective formed in Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil in 2016. The film explores the artistic flows and exchanges between the two artists: Carlos Colín and Bozó Bacamarte - one Mexican born, living in Vancouver, and the other, a Brazilian artist living in Recife, Brazil. Bozó has an ever-growing significance in the Brazilian (street) art scene, with an aesthetic signature grounded in the Movimento Armorial, an artistic initiative arising from Brazil's northeast popular culture. Carlos' more conceptually based and object oriented practice is heavily influenced by Latin American philosophies and his Mexica heritage. The film investigates the collective's creative process, shedding light on translocal and syncretic Latin American flows of thought, translation, and artmaking.

Running time: 15.10mins
Shooting format: HD video
Featuring: Bozó Bacamarte and Carlos Colín
Direction, camera, editing, location sound: Sarah Shamash
Sound design, Music Composition, Mix: Inaam Haq
Additional Camera: Carlos Colín
Photographs of the UNAAM Murals: Carlos Colín, Margaret Metcalfe Photography