Timelines - CAG

It's great to be an invited artist for the "Timelines Project" launched on November 21st, 2023, as part of the Contemporary Art Gallery’s 50th anniversary with my project on housing. "In 2022 the gallery began to reflect at length on the histories the institution has traditionally told of itself: charting its unique trajectory outlined above; foregrounding the organization’s landmark programming achievements, locally and internationally; and tracing the institution’s considerable operational and artistic growth over the years. These milestones are significant ones, which we continue to be proud of, though they tell only a portion of our story." https://timelines.cagvancouver.org/about-this-project This project was made possible with support from the Canada Council from the Arts Digital Now program.

LAMAS: Latin American Media Art Symposium

I'm looking forward to participating in the panel "Political Praxes of Memory: Diaspora Media Art Archives" with Gabriela Aceves-Sepulveda and Zaira Zarza as part of LAMAS - Latin American Media Art Syposium taking place in Toronto from October 4-7.

Faculty - Assistant Professor of Critical and Cultural Studies

I'm happy to share that I have started a position as Assistant Professor of Critical and Cultural Studies at Emily Carr University in the department of Culture and Community this fall 2023.

Photograph by Patryk Tom

Official Selection - FESTIVAL OF CINEMA NYC

From Chile to Canada: Media Herstories will be screening at the Festival of Cinema in Queens, New York on Friday, August 11th: https://festivalofcinemanyc.eventive.org/films/64a3a4f95a0f4300b8e816cf

Latin American Video Art in the VIVO Media Arts Archives

It was great to participate in the Latin American Video Art discussion at VIVO Media Arts, organized by Dr. Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda as part of her ongoing research on feminist Latin American media in conjunction with the Archive/Counter Archive’s case study on Gendered Violence: Responses and Remediations, May 24th, 2023.

Official Selection - Short Circuit Pacific Rim Film Festival

From Chile to Canada: Media Herstories will be screening at the Short Circuit Pacific Rim Film Festival in Victoria, on Vancouver island on Saturday, May 6th: https://cinevic.ca/short-circuit-film-festival-2023/

art/mamas book launch

This Friday, April 28th art/mamas collective will be launching our book, art/mamas: Intermedial Conversations on Art, Motherhood and Caregiving (2023). This publication emerges from our PLOT residency at Access Gallery during the fall of 2021 and represents the work, generative processes, and collaborations of many artists near and far.

Image of books by prOphecy sun

Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference

Presenting Beyond Latinx-Canadianness: Imagining Cinema Studies from the Pluriverse at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) conference 2023 held in Denver, Colorado for the panel, "Thinking the North Otherwise: Critical Approaches to Latinx-Canadian Film and Media Arts" alongside fellow panelists Zaira Zarza and Analays Alvarez Hernandez (https://www.cmstudies.org/page/2023ConferenceProgram). 

Invited talk by the Universidade do Estado da Bahia

It was an honour to be invited to share in the panel discussion, "Produção e promoção audiovisual de povos indígenas no Brasil e no Canada" with such amazing Brazilian scholars and filmmakers as part of an intiative by the Universidade do Estado da Bahia. Special thanks to Renata Lourenço for the organization of this event and panel. 

UAAC 2022 - Universities Art Association of Canada Annual Conference

Tkaronto, Thursday, October 27, 2022. It was wonderful to present alongside these brilliant Latinx-Canadian/ Latin American scholars: Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda, Tamara Toledo, Analays Alvarez Hernandez, Zaira Zarza, for the panel Latinx-Canadian Visual and Media Arts as Decolonial Efforts: Mapping and Questioning Initiatives Across Canada with my discussion of "Media art practices as intercultural performance—activating communities of resistance" https://uaac-aauc.com/2022/b3.html


From Chile to Canada: Media Herstories premiering at Vancouver International Film Festival

I'm very excited to share that our film From Chile to Canada: Media Herstories will be having its world premiere in our home town at the Vancouver International Film Festival. We are very greatful to everyone who contributed to this production and the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council and VIVO Media Arts. 


It was great to learn and share research creation practices on the panel: Activating the Archive: An Overview of Media-Based Research-Creation Projects Across the Americas with my presentation “Activating Archives of Latinx Resistance on Coast Salish Territory." Some documentation pictures by Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda.

New article in Film Education Journal

I'm happy to share that my article "A decolonising approach to genre cinema studies" is hot off the UCL Press (June 14, 2022) in The Film Education Journal.  A shout out to my colleagues, students, peers and mentors who have been a part of the journey to imagine cinema studies from plural, decolonial and Global South perspectives. Thanks to family for the childcare and support. Thanks to Alla Gadassik for encouraging me to turn my teaching on genre cinema into a proposal for this publication. And my undying gratitude to the filmmakers who continue to be my greatest teachers. 

Web Ouest - interview

It was an honour to be interviewed (en français) by Nathalie Lopez for Web Ouest to discuss art and feminism. https://webouest.ca/etre-artiste-cest-etre-feministe/

Filmmaking and Motherhood - DOXA 2022

It was great to be part of the "Filmmaking and Motherhood" panel in the capacity of moderator for DOXA 2022. An often neglected sector of humanity and the filmic population - working mothers - have a lot of to contribute to film herstories. How can we reconceive film production, funding models, and an environment for working mothers to thrive professionally in film and art industries and institutions? These are some of the questions we collectively unpacked with this amazing line-up of filmmakers. 

                                                                                                           (photograph by Milena Salazar)

Community Screening - From Chile to Canada: Media Herstories

It is with a full heart that we shared and premiered our documentary film project From Chile to Canada: Media Herstories with community on April 23rd. Here's some documentation pics by Iris Chia from the evening. Big shout out to Sonia Medel for making it all happen. We had a full house, a post screening discussion, and empanadas. Not mention cake! And a line up of ALL WOMEN djs to dance to for the rest of the evening! 

Curatorial project: Dialogos Documentales

Documentary Dialogues from Turtle Island to Abya Yala was a collaborative curatorial project over the course of three months and accompanied by three screening programs and monthly dialogues with filmakers from Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada. As part of the documentary research group ReDOC based in Mexico City and alongside fellow curators: Liliana Cordero Marines, Lilia García Torres, Alberto Cuevas Martínez, Oswaldo A. Lara Orozco, we developed screening programs with thematic focuses: Mother tongue (February), Matriarchies (March), and Territorial Rights (April). http://lais.mora.edu.mx/proyecciones/


Galo Preto Coletivo at ICA Film Festival

My short film Galo Preto Coletivo is part of the official selection and winner in the category of female filmmakers at the ICA International Cultural Artifact  Film Festival in India taking place during the month of March 2022: https://www.icafilmfestival.com/winners/

Curatorial project: Mother Tongue Languages at ReDOC

I'm very excited to share this collaborative project with a super team of documentary researchers at ReDOC in Mexico. We have put together 3 programs of films and dialogues with filmmakers. The first cycle of films is on mother tongue films from Mexico, Canada, Brazil and Colombia and the website will be live on February 14th with a dialogue in Spanish with filmmakers on February 23rd 4pm in Mexico city.


Galo Preto at Spotlight on Academics Film Festival

Galo Preto was featured at the Spotlight on Academics film festival: https://spotlightonacademics.ca/2022-festival-lineup/

Galo Preto Wins a Gold Mention

My short doc (15mins) Galo Preto Colectivo, won a gold mention at the Arte Non Stop Film Festival in Buenos Aires this October 2021. 
Galo Preto Laurels

Encuentro ReDOC

It was great to participate in Encuentro Internacional ReDOC (October 25-29, 2021) as part of the panel, Militancias, márgenes, emergencias y resistencias with my presentation: "Co-creando espacios de resistencia en las prácticas de investigación documental-creación." Thanks to Lilia García Torres for the screenshots. 

Film Presentation - Semaine de la Mémoire - University of Caen

Some documentation from when I presented my film work at the University of Caen in France as part of the "Semaine de la Mémoire" (September 21-24, 2021) and in partnership with the Maison de la Recherche en Sciences HUmaines (MRSH) and the "Film et Recherche en Science Humaine" (FRESH). Thanks to Canada Council for the Arts for the travel grant. 

2nd International Conference on Sonorities Research

Documentation from the presentation, Listening to the sounds of un/domestication – a performance art Project at the 2nd International Conference on Sonorities Research June 9-11th, as part of the panel SONO-SORO[RITIES]: FEMINIST INTERVENTIONS IN SOUND ART coordinated by: Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda (Simon Fraser University), Freya Zinovieff
(Simon Fraser University), and Amanda Gutiérrez (Concordia University)

Screen shot

Cinevolution artist talk - Feminist Craft of Care in Times of Crisis

It was great to share ideas around our art practices and "Feminist Craft of Care in Times of Crisis" with Lena Chen and Mallory Donen for Cinevolution Media Art's Digital Carnival, May 13, 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wf1pZx-LZY


Seminarion de Investigación-Creación - Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia

Honoured to be sharing my research-creation practice alongside these stellar artist-researchers, with the master's students in Medellín on Dec. 10th 2020: https://criticalmediartstudio.com/index.php/portfolio/la-migracion-como-metodo-y-tema-de-investigacion-creacion/#1606859471936-e7661a47-970c

Cine Kurumin International Indigenous Film Festival

It's an honour to be a part of the curatorial team for the seventh edition of Cine Kurumin, the Brazilian based International Indigenous Film Festival. Check out the program of incredible films all online and free between Setember 20th and October 20th: https://cinekurumin.org/

The Storytelling Show on Coop Radio

I got to share airtime with Deanne Achong on Coop Radio's "The Storytelling Show" hosted by Stephanie Skourtes where we discussed our latest collaborative performance, "Recipes for Undomestication" among other things. Here's the link to our conversation on art, collaborations, and feminisms: https://coopradio.org/content/storytelling-show-147

Indigeneity, Women & Resilience

As part of our film curation on "Indigeneity, Women & Resilience" (curated by Sonia Medel and Sarah Shamash -https://vlaff.org/indigenous-film-2020) we had the great honour to host a dialogue with incredible women filmmakers from across the Turtle Island to Abya Yala. Deep gratitude to all participants. 

 Screen shot from zoom dialogue: Indigenous, Women & Resilience

Artist Talk - Seminario 14 (Mexico)

Even during these pandemic times, it was an honour to be invited by Bruno Bresani, to do an artist talk with the Seminario RC 14 out of Mexico City on July 6th. Here are a couple screen shots from the talk:


Faculty Art Show ECUAD

"Cataloguing is not for Superheroes" is a new work by Sarah Shamash, (Installation with slide cape, photographs, and video) presented as part of ECUAD faculty show. Show runs from January 30 - February 14, 2020. (facebook event link). 

Recipes for (Un)domestication - performance

Sarah Shamash in collaboration with Deanne Achong presented the performance "Recipes for Undomestication" with live sound mix and video projection. Live sound performed by the Absolute Value of Noise (Peter Courtemanche) for Art's Birthday, January 17th, 2020, at Studio 21, East Pender. Vancouver, BC

Film it Forward

It was an honour to share the stage and have a post screening discussion with Jules Koostachin, Kady Alfred, and Sonia Medel at UBC's Freddie Wood Theatre for their Film it Forward night on November 18th, 2019. Film Night Poster-2.pdf

Article and interview on curatorial program "Languages of Sovereignty"

Check out this article by Angie Rico on Sonia Medel and Sarah Shamash's curation and their "Languages of Sovereignty" film program at the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival: https://www.sadmag.ca/blog/2019/9/1/vlaffs-commitment-to-accountability-curating-for-diverse-audiences?fbclid=IwAR3oLAVSds5jJHKqdr8SRWcCpj-HtK1ptLdn3-tuzoj9felZAh_z5Iop-6o

Poster image from "Uktena and Thunder" by Joseph Orb. 

Languages of Sovereignty (program 1)

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 - Program of shorts - Languages of Sovereignty (program 1) as part of the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival co-curated with Sonia Medel: https://vlaff.org/languages-of-sovereignty-shorts
Presenting the films with Sonia Medel. Photo by Fatima Jaffer

Special Presentation - Cine Kurumin

Special screening of Kwanxwala - Thunder in Salvador, Brazil, August 4th, 2019 as part of Cine Kurumin. 

art/mamas art collective featured on CBC Arts

Big thanks to Mark Mushet and CBC arts for this documentary short on the art/mamas with Sarah Shamash, Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda, Matilda Aslizadeh, Natasha McHardy, Robyn Laba, Heather Passmore, prOphecy Sun, Damla Tamer, and Maria Anna Parolin: https://www.cbc.ca/arts/exhibitionists/art-mamas-meet-the-vancouver-collective-that-creates-community-for-mothers-in-the-arts-1.5129578?cmp=FB_Post_Arts&fbclid=IwAR3dFIVAEXD1GnnVmT7j5SxuCtCYyRtQdKS1xM6SnH9hdXqWIf4KZ1ruYEc

Indigital III Conference Presentation

Presenting on "Spirituality and Geopolitics in the Mbya Guarani Cinema Collective" at Indigital III conference at Vanderbuilt University in Nashville. Friday, February 15th 2019. 

Thursday, January 10th 2019 -Kwanxwala-Thunder shown as part of a special screening of curated documentaries at VIVO media arts. Curated by Casey Wei. See details of program here: https://www.facebook.com/events/989657027885092/ And it was a full house.

Kwanxwala-Thunder will be shown as part of the 8th edition of the Director's Circle Festival of Shortshttps://dcshortsfest.com/2018-film-selections/ Thursday, November 29th through Saturday, December 8th, 2018.

Shamash's article: Cosmopolitical technologies and the demarcation of screen space at Cine Kurumin is now available in the latest edition of the Media-N journal: https://iopn.library.illinois.edu/journals/median/article/view/62

Kwanxwala - Thunder will be screened as part of the Great Lakes International Film Festival:https://greatlakesfilmfest.com/2018-film-selections/ from September 20-29th 2018.

A featured interview with Sarah Shamash in the latest publication of WomenCinemakers:https://issuu.com/women.cine.makers/docs/special.edition/228

Visiting artist at the Summer Indigenous Art Intensive Residency at UBCO with the theme of "Groundworks." Some documentation of our studio and work. July 15-30th, 2019.

Working on a slide cape for a photography project.

Working hard in the studio. Parent - artist life. 

"Recipes for Undomestication." Sound art performance piece at the Western Front for Kunstradio, wiencouver in collaboration with Deanne Achong. Thanks to an invitation by Peter Courtemanche. July 1st 2018.

Kwanxwala - Thunder (2017) Dir. Sarah Shamash is being shown as part of the New York Lift-Off's Online Festival 2018 launched on June 25th: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/nyliftoffonline18

Screen Shot - Kwanxwala - Thunder

Kwanxwala - Thunder (2017) Dir. Sarah Shamash, won best documentary short at the DIY Film Festival 2018: https://www.diyfilmfest.com/

A video interview and documentation from the installation Telling Traces at Flux Media Art Gallery in 2017


Saturday, January 27th, I am honoured to co-program a powerful cinematic work, Tekoha, Som da Terra, Eng. Tekoha, Sound of the Earth, (2017) Dir. Rodrigo Arajeju and Valdelice Veron and to present a short video interview I did with Patricia Ferreira Yxapy, a Mbya Guarani filmmaker, as part of MOA's final events of the exhibition "Amazonia: The Rights of Nature" - https://moa.ubc.ca/portfolio_page/closing-ceremonies-of-amazonia/

creen shot of Interview with the filmmaker: Patricia Ferreira Yxapy

Kwanxwala-Thunder  will be presented as part of FLEFF's 20th edition: Invisible Geographies New Media Exhibition Launched winter 2018: https://www.ithaca.edu/fleff/invisible_geographies/kwanswala/

October 16th, 2017 Kwanxwala-Thunder screened at Docs without Borders Film Festival and it won an award of merit.

October 2nd-27th, 2017, Sarah Shamash will be presenting a photographic work as part of the Art/Mamas group exhibition at the Arbutus Gallery at Kwantlen Polytechnic University: https://criticalmediartstudio.com/index.php/2017/10/opening-of-quality-time-an-exhibition-by-the-artmamas-at-the-artbutus-gallery-in-the-coast-capital-library-kpu-kwantlen-polytechnic-october-2-27-2017/

July 13th, 2017, Sarah Shamash will be presenting her film Kwanxwala-Thunder as part of the Cine Kurumin film festival in Salvador, Brazil at three pm at the Sala de Arte - Cinema do Museo. See online catalogue for details: https://issuu.com/cine.kurumin/docs/ck-catalogo-miolo-300dpi


May 19th, 2017, Sarah Shamash in collaboration with Aisha Jamal will be presenting a multi-channel sound installation: Telling Traces (https://tellingtraces.com/) at MediaNet Flux Media Art Gallery in Victoria, BC: https://medianetvictoria.org/flux/ 

March 8th 2017, Sarah Shamash will be exhibiting a new photographic work as part of the all women's group show: She-i-la at Fazakas gallery: https://www.fazakasgallery.com/auctions/ 

November 2016, Sarah Shamash in collaboration with Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda https://www.gabrielaaceves.com/ participate in the spring 2016 edition of Media-N Journal the New Media Caucus, Launch V.12 N.01: "Mestizo Technology: Art, Design, and Technoscience in Latin America" with their essay: Feminizing Oswald de Andrade’s “Manifesto Antropófago” and Vasconcelos’ Raza Cósmica: The Videos of Sonia Andrade and Pola Weiss. https://median.newmediacaucus.org/mestizo-technology-art-design-and-technoscience-in-latin-america/feminizing-oswald-de-andrades-manifesto-antropofago-and-vasconcelos-raza-cosmica-the-videos-of-sonia-andrade-and-pola-weiss/

mrñ, 2007, robotic urban parasite from the series Parásitos Urbanos, by Gilberto Esparza. © Gilberto Esparza.

Saturday, September 3rd at 5:30pm at the Pacific Cinematheque in Vancouver, The Vancouver Latin American Film Festival will be presenting the short film: Acá Nada / Acá Elsewhere by Sarah Shamash in collaboration with Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda and Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo.

Thursday April 28th. Sarah Shamash will be presenting two collaborative projects as part of Thirsdays at VIVO Media Arts: https://www.vivomediaarts.com/thirstdays-03/

Acá Nada / Acá Elsewhere 
Video installation in collaboration with Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda and Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo

Acá Nada / Acá Elsewhere

The Real, The Virtual and the We (re-activating Lygia Clark's The I and the you: Clothing/ Body/ Clothing, 1967)
Live performace and Artificial Intelligence Video installation in collaboration with Alessandra Santos, Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda, and Steve DiPaola

Photo credit: Sarah Shamash

Thursday, March 10th. Sarah Shamash will be presenting her project "Telling Traces" in collaboration with Aisha Jamal at One Art Space Gallery in New York: https://www.oneartspace.com/index.phphttps://tellingtraces.com/news.htm

Telling Traces installation detail

Saturday, November 14th. Featured artist in 365artists365days: https://365artists365days.com/2015/11/14/sarah-shamash-vancouver-bc-canada/

Saturday, September 26th. Sarah Shamash presented a live performance of "Slide Show" an ode to Janet Cardiff. Special thanks to Inaam Haq, Asa Mori, Carlos Colin, Rachel Shamash, and Stephanie Skourtes. A part of the Not Sent Letters at Dynamo Arts Association in Vancouver. https://notsentlettersproject.com/not-sent-letters-guests-dynamo-arts-association/ 

Photo credit Alisha Weng
Photo credit: Alisha Weng. Slideshow 2015 at Dynamo Arts.

 Photo credit Alisha Weng

Photo credit Alisha Weng. Slideshow 2015 at Dynamo Arts Association. 

Saturday, March 21st. Sarah Shamash presented the trailer for her upcoming film essay on women's soccer in Alert Bay as part of the Not Sent Letters Set at the Toast Collective in Vancouver. https://vimeo.com/123153331 


Tuesday, September 16th. Curator, Author Tarah Hogue published an essay on several Vancouver based artists that completed works on mapping the city including Sarah Shamash's "Hasting's Glean" photo and video project. https://decoymagazine.ca/portfolio-series-2/

Sarah Shamash, Canadian Red 01, 2014, from the series Hastings Glean. Light jet matte print, 32 x 32 cm, edition of 3.

August 5th, 12th, 23rd. Sarah Shamash along with collaborator Aisha Jamal will be carrying out a series of workshops for the "Telling Traces" project. 

Telling Traces Workshop Series

Aug. 5, 3:00 - 4:30 PM 
Aberthau Mansion, 4397 W2nd Ave.

August 12, 3:00 - 4:30 PM
McBride Park Fieldhouse 3350 W4th Avenue near Waterloo Street

August 23, 3:00 PM. - 4:30 PM
Tatlow Park, 2845 W3rd Ave., Vancouver


July 26th. Sarah Shamash will be presenting an installation as part of Your Kontinent Festival's: Digital Carnival: https://ykfestival.ca/event/digital-carnival/ 

Photo credit: Laura Lee Coles

June 22nd. Sarah Shamash presented 2 shorts as part of Iris Film Collective's "Your Neighbour's Window Film Nights". https://irisfilmcollective.tumblr.com/ 

Photo credit: Alex MacKenzie

March 21st. Sarah Shamash will be presenting new works, photography and video as part of a group show: "Diffractions of the Local 2" at the back Gallery in Vancouver: https://www.backgalleryproject.com/upcoming.html

March 21st. Sarah Shamash will be presenting at the Interdisciplary Studies Graduate Conference: "Meditating on Mobility - Brazilian Drifters". https://isgp.ubc.ca/files/2012/11/OutoftheBox_Conference-Program_Final_2014-v2.pdf

March 13th. Sarah Shamash will be participating in the Performing Utopias conference with a talk on "Indigenizing Film Practices in As hiper mulheres" (2011): https://performingutopias.com/

Performing Utopias Conference

January 17th. Sarah Shamash will be participating in Art's Birthday at the W2 atrium in Vancouver with projections from 7pm-9pm: https://www.artsbirthday.net/ 

November 7th. Sarah Shamash will be presenting an installation as part of this year's VIMAF (Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival): https://vimaf.com/vimaf-2013/2013-schedule/2013thursday/


September 30th. Sarah Shamash's (dis)location project is featured in the latest issue of Interartive #55 special issue on Art + Mobility: https://artmobility.interartive.org/dislocation-sarah-shamash/ as well as a text on the (dis)location - Sampa project by Aisha Jamal: https://artmobility.interartive.org/sarah-shamash-dislocation-sampa-aisha-jamal/

September 28th. Sarah Shamash will be presenting video works as part of Not Sent Letters & Guests at VIVO Media Arts from 8pm-11pm. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Not-Sent-Letters-Project/147882091946917 And before Carlos Colin Moreno will be showing a new series of photographs from 5-8pm https://www.fazakasgallery.com/story/ Photos by: Sarah Shamash. 


August 29th. Sarah Shamash in collaboration with Aisha Jamal will be doing a public presentation / open studio event for their multi-channel sound installation with video projection as part of her residency with LocoMotoArt collective at the Aberthau Mansion, Library Room 1-5pm. https://locomotoart.weebly.com/blog.html


August 18th. Sarah Shamash will be presenting a new multi-channel sound installation with video at Tatlow park in Vancouver. As part of the LocoMotoArt, we will be taking over the park and turning it into an eco-digital art exhibition space from 9pm-10pm. 


July 28th. Sarah Shamash will be showing a new installation work: "D" is for Diorama, as part of her Alphabet project. This work is presented with LocoMotoArt at Queen Elizabeth Park 9pm-11pm.  https://locomotoart.com/home/locomotoart_at_queen_elizabeth_park

D is for Diorama


July 27th. Sarah Shamash will be showing a work as part of the Digital Carnival - Your Kontinent Festival, curated by Sebnem Ozpeta. https://ykfestival.ca/event/digital-carnival/

May 14th. Sarah Shamash will be giving an artist talk along with Am Johal on the topic of Social Cartography as part of the talks for the exhibition Background / ThisPlace by Guadalupe Martinez, Igor Santizo & Emilio Rojas at the Grunt Gallery in Vancouver: https://grunt.ca/exhibitions/background-panorama/

April 27th. Loco Moto Art Fundraiser event with special screening. 
Sarah Shamash will be presenting a new video art work as part of the "Presenting Letters of the Alphabet" project. She will be presenting "A is for Aerial".
Link to eventbrite with event details: https://locomotart.eventbrite.ca/?ref=esfb

ACLA conference in Toronto: 
SIt was great to present some of my psychogeographic art works on the panel: Being Positioned: Mobility, Immobility, and the Value of Geographic Coordinates
Sarah Shamash “(Dis)locations: A Locative Media Project in Brazil which Illustrates a Deliberate Methodological Subversion of GPS”
ACLA program: https://www.acla.org/acla2013/wp-content/wysiwyg/2012/07/Final-Program-edit.pdf

February 13th - March 9th 2013 Exhibition opening: "Resonating Existant(s)". Sarah Shamash will be presenting a new video installation as part of the "Presenting Letters of the Alphabet" project. She will be presenting "I" is for Idle No More. Location: AHVA Library Gallery, Rm 112 Koerner Library, UBC