Trigger Space - Banff

2008 | sound walk | locative media


Trigger Space - Banff is a locative media project that explores the hidden narratives in our environment. In a walking tour around the Banff Centre, Trigger Space offers an alternative geography and history of Banff and its surroundings through the voices of three storytellers.

If the original purpose of mapping was to appropriate and colonize land, I am interested in exploring ways of subverting official maps through documentary narratives of memory and public space in order to create spaces of resistance. 

Using Mediascape, Trigger Space - Banff was a beta version of a larger scale project, the (dis)location trilogy, that had its first iteration in Salvador, Brazil 2009. This version was created during a residency at the Banff New Media Institute in November 2008.


Narrators: Ame Papatsie, Justine Locke
Sound Mix: Inaam Haq
Camera, Sound recording, Editing, Mediascape: Sarah Shamash
Project: Sarah Shamash
Completion date: November 2008 

Watch a documentation video