Variations on Elevators & Pink Girls

5mins | DV NTSC | Colour | Stereo | 2010 | Canada, Brazil


The video reflects a moment of limbo and escape into a fantastic pink girl dance reality as the two cage elevators ascend to an implausible floor. Shot on location in the Lucrecia building, in the historic center of Sao Paulo, “Variations on Elevators & Pink Girls”  furthers a collaboration between artist Sarah Shamash and dancer / choreographer Toshiko Oiwa.


Running time: 5:15mins
Featuring: Toshiko Oiwa, Juliane Elting
With the participation of: Rachel Mascarenhas, and the workers of the Lutetia building.
Music: Der Fliegende Robert Performed by Heimat, (Juliane Elting and Marcelo Pellegrini)
Sound Mix: Inaam Haq
Directed, Photographed, Edited by: Sarah Shamash

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