Hastings Glean

Photographic series and single channel video 2014


The photographic series and video was produced in 2014 as part of a group show at Back Gallery Project in Vancouver, situated on East Hastings Street.The exhibition is the result of a continuous dialogue between members of "Grupo", an artists' initiative, and interpretations of "the local". The photos and video visually present Hastings street as both photogenic and photographically problematic with its Edwardian – era buildings, social microcosm of diverse community members, all in various states of decadence, gentrification, and resistance while elaborating an ongoing thematic interest: geography is constantly devised, organized and transformed based on socio-economic factors (Milton Santos, Brazilian geographer). 


Project, photography, video: Sarah Shamash
Photographic series: 9 color photographic prints 32cm x 32cm
Single channel video: 9.24mins color HD looped on monitor

Watch a video excerpt