(dis)location - Salvador

Photographic and hand drawn map series 2009


The photographic series functions as fine art psychogeographic documentation for the project (dis)location - Salvador. Through the trace of the hand, the principal concept behind the project (dis)location - Salvador is to explore  socio and psychogeographic narratives through subjective map drawings. This diptic like photographic series takes a still from the documentary Super 8 film while the other half of the frame is a hand drawn map made by the project's participants.  

The project was presented and exhibited as part of the New Forms festival in Vancouver 2010 and in Salvador, Brazil at the Museum of Modern Art as part of the Vivo Arte.mov festival in 2010. 


Project: Sarah Shamash
5 photographic prints (single editions)
Digital images transmounted to plexi glass (1m x 35cm) 

Watch a teaser of the documentary