Security Guards

30mins | DVPAL | Colour | Stereo | 2008 | Canada

Shot on location at the Jeu de Paume, the film shows this prestigious Parisian contemporary art centre through the eyes of the security guards. The security guards, almost all of immigrant descent, candidly discuss and philosophize about their job, art and politics.


Running time: 31.42mins
Screening format: Digibeta PAL
Shooting format: DV PAL
Original title: Agents de Sécurité
English Title: Security Guards
Original language: French
Sound Design: Yusef Frasier
Sound Mix: Inaam Haq

Featuring: Mourad Kharchi Benani, Drissa Diakite, Frédéric Jodoche, M. Justine, Baghdad Karouf, Afchine Kaviani, M. Maureau, Abdellatif El Moutaouaffik, Frederic Mube, C. Léacisse Penoukoll, Maurice Saint Julien, Mamadou Soumaré

Directed, Photographed and Edited by: Sarah Shamash
Shot on location at the Jeu de Paume in Paris 2006
Produced with the assistance of the NFB
(National Film Board’s Filmmaker’s Assistance Program) ACIC Montreal, Canada.
Distributed by Video Out:

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