Recipes for Undomestication

2020 | Live performance with multichannel live sound mix and video projection


Recipes for Undomestication is a performance which comes out of a two-person collaboration between media artists Deanne Achong and Sarah Shamash. Recipes for Undomestication came out of an imperative to make visible our conditions, our invisible labours and our solidarity with women in struggle across the Americas. As working mothers, artists, caregivers, and mixed race women, our aim is to spotlight some of the negotiations of our political identifications, our labours, and our domestic spheres within and without a conceptual art arena and to echo our solidarity with our sisters resisting patriarchy, state oppressions, ecocides, and ethnocides around the world.


Artists / performers: Deanne Achong, Sarah Shamash 
Live audio mix: Absolute Value of Noise 
Video documentation: Igor Santizo 
Additional photographic documentation: Clare Yow, Vincent Wong

Watch an excerpt